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5-Days Advanced Full Education Box (all Valentin software)

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5-Days Advanced Full Education Box (all Valentin software)

Training content:

You may design with all the design specifics for field and roof designs, choose the panel, inverter, and battery, choose the shadow parameters, see the shadow simulation, and create a report. People who

have acceptable knowledge of heat pump systems can participate in our training. You will get the most from your GeoT*SOL program training. Make sure you're using the software to its full potential by learning every button and feature. Begin designing all kinds of heat pump projects without delay, and make professional reports. You may design and simulate the contribution margin of the heat pump and other heat generators.

For whom?

People who have received photovoltaic systems training or have acceptable knowledge about photovoltaic systems can participate in our training.


Courses contents:

Day 1: PV*SOL premium

2D examples will be created along with the basic usage of the software and menu descriptions.

Day 2: PV*SOL premium

3-dimensional detailed photovoltaic system design, 1 MWp site design, 100 kWp single and 300 kWp multi-roof design will be made.


Day 3: GeoT*SOL

  • Compare the performance of heat pumps by different manufacturers.

  • Contrast ground-, air- and water-source heat pumps.

  • Guarantee you are operating an appropriate heat pump for clients' needs.

  • Plan the required borehole or collector sizes.

  • Size your system based on the client's markets.

  • Optimize your design to find the best set-up for your customer.


Day 4: T*SOL

  • Compare the performance of different manufacturers' equipment.

  • Create a picture montage of the property with solar thermal installed.

  • Design household and commercial systems.

  • Complete a financial analysis of your system.

  • Size your system based on the consumer's needs.

  • Optimize your system to find the best design for your customer's needs.


Day 5:

  • Project Assignment

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Certificate and 30-day software training license:
participation certificate will be given to the participants who correctly design and return the homework given at the end of the training within a week. We will provide you 30-day software training license.
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