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5-Days Design, Installation and Maintenance for Solar Systems


5-Days Design, Installation and Maintenance for Solar Systems

Training Content:

Study the fundamentals of PV technology, learn about PV module performance aspects, gain an understanding of the various PV system setups, Realizing the significance of having systems that are in balance, System design and sizing for photovoltaics, Understanding the safety of PV systems, Gain knowledge of PV system installation and maintenance.


For whom?

People who have received photovoltaic systems training or have acceptable knowledge about photovoltaic systems can participate in our training. Including, Technicians, Engineers, Project Managers, Consultants.

Courses contents:

Day 1:

  • PV Cell and Module Characterization.

  • Solar Energy Use.

  • On-Grid and Off-Grid Systems.

  • Photovoltaic Application Fields.

  • Solar Energy Pros and Cons.

Day 2:

  • PV module performance

  • Maximum power point

  • Fell efficiency

  • Fill factor

  • Function of the blocking and bypass diodes

Day 3:

  • Designing and sizing solar PV systems

  • System sizing for grid-connected systems.

  • Solar system components.

  • Inverter and MPP tracking.

  • Effects of solar photovoltaics on health and safety.

Day 4:

  • Organizing a solar project.

  • Introducing photovoltaic software.

  • Using software to design 2D and 3D solar projects.

  • Types of mounting and installation

  • Techniques for monitoring and calculating energy loss for maintenance

Day 5:

Practicing day:

  • Application on solar system

  • Attaching the solar PV module to roofs and agricultural systems.

  • Connecting the solar PV module.

  • Fastening the seatbelt when mounting on a trapezoidal roof.

  • Connecting panels in series or parallel.

  • Preparing a DC socket; and taking current voltage measurements with a multimeter.

OR  visiting a solar panel manufacturing factory. (Depending on students’ demand)

Solar Panels Technicians
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Certificate and 30-day software training license:
participation certificate will be given to the participants who correctly design and return the homework given at the end of the training within a week. We will provide you 30-day software training license.
Installing Solar Panels
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