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4-Days Solar Energy

Specialization Training

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4-Days Solar Energy Specialization Training

Training content:

Study the fundamentals of PV technology, learn about PV module performance aspects, gain an understanding of the various PV system setups, Realizing the significance of having systems that are in balance, System design and sizing for photovoltaics, Understanding the safety of PV systems, Gain knowledge of PV system installation and maintenance.

For whom?

This training is designed for anyone with an interest in solar energy, regardless of prior knowledge. Whether you're a homeowner, student, or professional from a non-technical background, this program provides a concise and accessible introduction to photovoltaic systems. By the end, you'll have the foundational knowledge to engage in discussions, make informed decisions, and contribute to the conversation on sustainable energy solutions. Join us to explore the exciting world of solar energy, no expertise is required.


Courses contents:

Day 1: Photovoltaic Basics

Discover the essentials of photovoltaic systems in this foundational session. Unpack the workings of solar panels, explore key components, and understand real-world applications.

Day 2: Advanced Solar Power Generation

Take a deeper dive into solar energy with hands-on experience. Tackle advanced concepts, and troubleshoot common issues to elevate your skills in solar power generation.

Day 3:

A 2 and 3-dimensional design example (5 kWp and 10 kWp roof design) will be made together with the basic usage of the software and menu explanations.  


Day 4:

3-dimensional detailed photovoltaic system design, 1 MWp site design, 100 kWp single and 300 kWp multi-roof design will be made.

🎓 Course Benefits 🎓

✔️ In-depth understanding of photovoltaic systems

✔️ Hands-on experience with PV system assembly

✔️ Mastery of PV*SOL Premium for efficient solar project design

✔️ Practical insights into advanced PV solutions and energy storage

✔️ Certificate of completion to boost your credentials


Certificate and 30-day software training license:
participation certificate will be given to the participants who correctly design and return the homework given at the end of the training within a week. We will provide you 30-day software training license.
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