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The design and simulation software for photovoltaic systems

PV*SOL is a dynamic simulation program for the design and optimization of photovoltaic systems in combination with appliances, battery systems and electric vehicles.

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The more PV generation rates decrease, the more important it will be for PV system architects, engineers and planners to convince their customers that self-consumption also contributes to the profitability of solar electric systems. With 

PV * SOL® dynamic simulation program, you can now calculate self-consumption with greater precision. Also, you can import load profiles measured in steps of 1 and 15 minutes, in addition to having an extensive database of the most common load profiles worldwide.

Automatic configuration is capable of delivering all the right combinations of inverters for a PV system with up to 100,000 modules in seconds. You can also simulate systems at minute-by-minute resolution with any number of arrays of modules in different orientations. You have the possibility to select several inverters from the system and combine them with other inverters, even if they are equipped with different MPP trackers, you can also evaluate the efficiency of the set of equipment and its balance of generated energy and system losses.


  • Energy flow diagrams

Graph of the energy flow for a grid-connected installation with an electric vehicle.​​


  • Detailed load profiles

Possibility to enter custom load profiles from measured data and percentage values​​​​

  • Various performance charts

Graphic tool to evaluate the generation performance and consumption of the PV installation


  • Analysis with respect to solar radiation

Evaluate the performance of your battery bank, taking into account the consumption of the installation itself, the solar radiation available per year and the size of the photovoltaic module array considered.

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More information about this software

System requirements


  • Internet connection

  • Processor: Intel i3 or higher

  • RAM: 4 GB

  • Hard disk memory: 650 MB

  • Resolution display: mind. 1.024 x 768 Pixel

  • Operating system: Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (latest service packs required), Windows 11

  • Graphics: 2 GB, OpenGL

  • Others: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 Redistributable Package

Ask us to give you a download link our free trial version and test whether PV*SOL can be run on your computer!

There are a lot of options for maintenance subscription and licenses for educational institute or students.

We will be glad to explain all these details to you, please feel free to ask.

You can download our free trial version and test whether PV*SOL can be run on your computer!

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