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The design and simulation software for solar thermal systems

T*SOL is a dynamic simulation program for the design, optimization and calculation of solar thermal systems

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With T*SOL® you can optimally design solar thermal systems, sets of collectors of various sizes together with storage tanks, to carry out an accurate calculation of the financial efficiency of the project. In T*SOL you have the most extensive database with the equipment available on the market, radiation data around the world, graphic tools for the arrangement of collectors on roofs, reports for the presentation of projects and more useful features.


We present some of them:

  • Components: Combined tanks, compensation tanks, domestic hot water supply, heating support, swimming pools, process heating, and air collectors.

  • One or two manifold arrays.

  • Solar radiation data is available for 8,000 locations worldwide as its climate data.

  • Photographic plan: Using the PhotoPlan tool, you can make photorealistic dimensioning and representation of the solar thermal potential on the installation roof.

  • Projects with multiple system variants.

  • Solar fractions for heating and domestic hot water are shown separately.

  • User groups: Installers, designers and engineers dedicated to the optimization of heating and water heating systems.

  • T*SOL offers you around 200 preconfigured systems and extensive automatic design support. And of course, you can also enter all technical parameters individually and to your liking.

  • Swimming pool heating systems

 T*SOL allows the calculation and optimization of solar thermal heating systems for swimming pools.​​​

  • Systems for domestic hot water 

Performs the calculation of the characteristics of the real equipment necessary for the production of sanitary hot water at a residential or industrial level.​​

  • Analyze thermal behavior in real time                                                             

Track real-time system thermal performance for each component.

More information about this software

System requirements


  • Internet access

  • Processor: Pentium PC 1.5GHz

  • RAM: 512MB

  • Free hard disk space: 820 MB

  • Monitor resolution: At least 1,024 x 768 pixels

  • Operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

  • Graphics: 64 MB, OpenGL support (Photo Plan)

  • Miscellaneous: Microsoft. Net Framework 4.5.2 Redistributable Package

Ask us to give you a download link our free trial version and test whether PV*SOL can be run on your computer!

There are a lot of options for maintenance subscription and licenses for educational institute or students.

We will be glad to explain all these details to you, please feel free to ask.

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