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PV*SOL premium

Active simulation software with 3D visualization to calculate shading and give you high quality vision and analysis for the calculation of photovoltaic systems in hybrid with appliances, battery systems and electric vehicles.

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WHY PV*SOL premium

PV * SOL premium is one of the most trustable and interactive software, you can reach a lot of datasheets or add yours then change the type of your system and the location, own consumption and start drawing easily your system or imported then see the shadows calculation and suggestions for inverters. Also, add electric vehicle or battery and put the financial data to reach the best results.

The impressive 3D visualization is the highlight of PV*SOL premium. You can visualize all common types of designs in 3D, whether roof-integrated or roof-mounted, whether on small angled roofs, large industrial halls or open spaces - with up to 7,500 mounted modules or up to 10,000 roof-parallel modules, and calculate the shading based on 3D objects. This allows you to reach the highest trustworthiness for your earnings forecast for an accurate income calculation,

a realistic representation of the shading from surrounding objects. 

With the best calculation program on the market for photovoltaic systems:

  • Do both graphics and production calculations for the facilities you quote.

  • Calculate self-consumption, design battery storage or integrate electric cars.

  • With PV*Sol you can implement and present customers' different wishes.

  • You can create high-quality project presentation that can be configured and edited as needed.

  • Circuit diagrams with the necessary safety devices can also be created, e.g. for handing over to the relevant authorities.

  • Have access to Valentin Software's technical online support as well as support from RES Academy.

  • Quantity discount when ordering multiple licenses to the same company.

  • Discount on training courses from RES Academy.

More information about this software

System requirements

PV*SOL premium

  • Internet connection

  • Processor: Intel i3 or higher

  • RAM: 4 GB

  • Hard disk memory: 850 MB

  • Resolution display: mind. 1.024 x 768 Pixel

  • Operating system: Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (latest service packs required), Windows 11

  • Graphics: DirectX compatible (at least Version 9.0c), 2 GB, OpenGL

  • Others: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 Redistributable Package


Ask us to give you a download link our free trial version and test whether PV*SOL can be run on your computer!

There are a lot of options for maintenance subscription and licenses for educational institute or students.

We will be glad to explain all these details to you, please feel free to ask.

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