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PV*SOL premium

Active simulation software with 3D visualization to calculate shading and give you high quality vision and analysis for the calculation of photovoltaic systems in hybrid with appliances, battery systems and electric vehicles.

PV*SOL premium Training

Training content:

For field and roof designs, you can design with all the details of the design, select the panel, inverter, and battery, determine the shadow parameters, view the shadow simulation and prepare a report. In our education; we focus on On-Grid Systems, if you need to learn more about off-grid systems please inform us in advance.

Day 1:

A 2 and 3-dimensional design example (5 kWp and 10 kWp roof design) will be made together with the basic usage of the software and menu explanations.  


Day 2:

3-dimensional detailed photovoltaic system design, 1 MWp site design, 100 kWp single and 300 kWp multi-roof design will be made. 


For whom?

People who have received photovoltaic systems training or have acceptable knowledge about photovoltaic systems can participate in our training.

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Certificate and 30-day software training license:
participation certificate will be given to the participants who correctly design and return the homework given at the end of the training within a week. We will provide you 30-day software training license.
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